Strongholds of Fantasy

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Dungeons, The Underground Stronghold

Dungeons are the underground stronghold of fantasy and may take on many forms as their function varies from the needs of the architect.  They are found in the lower depths of castles or hidden within mountainous caverns.  For some they are a temporary place of detention, while other occupants refer to it as a prison.  In quite larger layouts they provide a unique battleground for a role-playing party. 

In castles among the catacombs and secret passageways dungeons are mainly below the courtyard.  They are simply made up of cells with bars or heavy doors to keep any prisoner there.  Serving as a detention center they can vary in size, shape, and levels.  They are usually dark and have no light cast upon them from outside, relying mainly on torch light if used at all to illuminate the area. 

Within caverns of rocky mountains dungeons are naturally formed with their many caves and tunnels.  Monsters that prefer the dark, damp and cool area will naturally make it their dwelling as they take refuge from the light and heat of the day.  Adventurers should be wary as they are tempted to explore such places for gold, gems, and other precious ore that could be potentially mined. 

Dungeons are the subterranean battlegrounds for a party of role-playing gamers who dare to tread in an enemy territory.  Like the caverns, monsters may dwell there, however there may be more dangers than just enemy fire to deal with.  These types of dungeons are an intricate maze filled with hazards, natural and constructed, designed with the intent to trap and kill adventurers.