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Evil Castle Project by TerranScapes

TerranScapes is a war-gaming terrain company.  Mike at TerranScapes has a vast assortment of terrain products on his site that he solely produces and does custom work as well. 

I love his work and appreciate the high level of quality and attention of detail he puts into every piece he does.  His You Tube videos are interesting, inspiring, and entertaining.

For more imformation on his work visit his website:

Mike was commissioned to build a "Lord of the Rings" themed Castle from the world of men.  The unique factor of this custom terrain is that it has been taken over by Orcs and retrofitted to reflect the land of Mordor.  That is why he titled it:  the Evil Castle Project. 


TerranScapes - Castle Project - WIP Final Version - LOTR Terrain

Published on Sep 18, 2012

Shows the resumption of the larger castle, having completed the mock up/practice run. I outline most of the major structures to be developed and highlight some areas that will need some additional problem solving. The castle is intended to be based on some of the stylings of Cirith Ungol and then modified to show corruption inspired by the forces of Mordor.

TerranScapes - Castle WIP 2 - LOTR Terrain

Published on Sep 23, 2012

Additional work has been done on the wall towers, the walkway as well as a proposed staircase to the walkway in the interior. This terrain piece is design to be compatible with 25-30mm scale games such as Lord of the Rings.

TerranScapes - Castle WIP 3 - LOTR Terrain

Published on Oct 3, 2012

Shows additions to the outer wall and towers.

TerranScapes - Hot Wire Foam Factory Tools in use - HWFF Foam Terrain

Published on Oct 5, 2012

In this video I show several segments where I am using Hot Wire Foam Factory tools to construct components for a castle but the techniques show could be used to create a variety of wargame terrain. I should note that the Hot Wire Foam Factory provided many of these tools to me free of charge for evaluation and review purposes. During the video I use the 8" knife, engraver, the Pro 3D Scroll table and the tool sled accessory. I show some freehand cutting, planing, circular scribing, and coring a cylinder.

TerranScapes - Castle Project WIP4 - LOTR Terrain

Published on Nov 13, 2012

Shows the newest additions to the large castle. Included is the tower and walkway outside the main wall, the inner wall, the core of the rock wall backdrop and some discussion of possible flying buttress locations.

TerranScapes - Castle Project WIP 5 - LOTR terrain

Published on Nov 22, 2012

This update includes the latest additions and work on the large castle project designed for use with the Lord of the Rings Miniature game. Work shown includes the large rear tower, magnetizing of the entry ramp and outside tower, design plans for the rock backdrop, and design of the teeth and spires to give the castle a Mordor infested feel.

TerranScapes - Castle Finished - LOTR Terrain

Published on Dec 5, 2012

This castle is inspired by several Lord of the Rings structures and is meant to represent a castle of the forces of men that has been captured and refitted to reflect a mordor like occupation. The castle is the culmination of nearly 200 hours of work and several videos are available on my channel describing the evolution of the project.

TerranScapes - Shipping the LOTR themed Castle

Published on Dec 17, 2012

Shows how I prepared and packed a large castle for shipping via freight.